Questions and Answers About Energy Choice

What is energy choice?

Energy Choice, through natural gas deregulation, simply means consumers who live in deregulated states can choose a licensed natural gas supplier to provide their natural gas, while the utility will continue to deliver it to the home or business. Dominion Energy Solutions makes it easy for you to use gas choice to take control of energy expenses by offering a variety of natural gas plans.

What has changed?

Before natural gas deregulation, your utility was responsible for all parts of your natural gas service: purchasing the gas, transporting the gas to processing stations, and delivering the gas to your home or business. Now, Dominion Energy Solutions and other energy supply companies can compete to provide you with more affordable and flexible natural gas plans that utilities cannot traditionally offer. 

What has stayed the same?

You can expect the same reliable service from your utility. They will continue to perform billing, provide customer service, and respond to emergencies.

Are there any switching fees?

Depending upon your utility's policy, however, they may charge you a fee for switching from utility service.

Will enrolling affect my utility bill?

You will continue to receive one bill from your utility. "Dominion Energy Solutions" will appear on your bill as your natural gas supplier.

Will enrolling affect my payment options?

Budget billing and all other payment options will remain available through your utility.

How will I know I am enrolled?

Once successfully enrolled, your utility will send you notification confirming enrollment. After receiving the confirmation, our supply price will take effect on your next scheduled meter read date or billing cycle.