Do You Really Need to Call 811? Yes, You Do.

Knowing when to call 811 can save you time and money and be the safest step you take in your new project. your life. Don't think of it as an optional step for projects that require digging. It's mandatory. If you don't call, you could risk disrupting your utility service or worse. Call 811; it could prevent a disaster.

What is 811? 

Though states often have their own phone numbers, you really only have to remember the national number, 811. Call 811 before any project requiring you to dig. When you call, your local utility company, or a service representing them, will come to your home to mark the underground lines so that you know where to dig safely. These lines include cable, power, communications, gas, sewage and water lines. After you know where the lines run on your property, you can confidently begin your project.

Why is 811 so important?

Without knowing where the buried utility lines run, you risk breaking a line during your project. A broken water line may lead to a soggy yard, or a cut cable line may cause you to miss your favorite team win in overtime. Always call 811 or the local equivalent when digging is required.

When to call 811

It's likely that you know that utility lines should be marked before doing a project. Any outdoor project that requires digging also requires a call to 811. These include digging holes for plants or support poles and creating foundations for patios or decks. It's difficult to know how deep underground utility lines run, so be safe and contact 811.

Once you have called 811, and your underground utility lines are marked, be sure to visit our online natural gas resources. Dominion Energy Solutions provides various natural gas offers at affordable prices.