Practical Uses for Natural Gas in Homes Besides Heating

You might be surprised how useful having natural gas in your home can be. Natural gas It does so much more than just heat a home. Appliances that use natural gas tend to be much more energy-efficient than their electric equivalents. If your home already has a natural gas supply, consider saving even more energy by upgrading the rest of your appliances to use energy-efficient natural gas.

Water heaters

Gas-powered water heaters tend to heat more efficiently than electric water heaters. If you live in an area with hard water, gas heaters offer an additional advantage over electric. In electric water heaters, the heating elements can become caked with calcium deposits, gradually reducing the ability of the unit to heat water. Gas water heaters don't have these electric elements and as a result, can’t become calcified. In many instances, gas water heaters also cost less to purchase than their electric counterparts. 


The joys of sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter's day often become offset by the hassle of having to obtain firewood and later sweep out ashes. With a natural gas fireplace, you get warm heat without the mess afterwards. What could be easier?

Clothes dryers

Most natural gas appliances generate heat in some form. Water heaters and gas clothes dryers both produce heat. While water heaters raise the temperature of the water inside the reservoir, gas dryers make the air inside the dryer warmer to remove moisture from your clothes faster. You'll ultimately spend less money for a gas dryer compared to the price to purchase and operate an electric dryer. No wonder people with natural gas service take advantage of the utility for as many home appliances as possible.

Using gas appliances safely

You'd be surprised how many energy efficient appliances run on natural gas and can save you money compared to their electric counterparts. Dominion Energy Solutions, your trusted expert, provides convenient natural gas plans with risk free guaranteed fixed prices to help with budget stability.