The Efficiency of a Natural Gas Water Heater

If your home appliances, like your furnace or stove-top range, run on natural gas, you probably also have a natural gas water heater. Using natural gas has lots of advantages. Learn more about how natural gas water heaters work, how to maintain them, and the advantages of having one.

How do natural gas water heaters work?

Several larger appliances in your home can use a lot of energy to provide you with a comfortable living environment. Generally, heating and cooling systems use the most amount of energy, followed by water heaters. Although there are several different types of water heaters, the most common found within residential households is a storage or tank water heater.

A storage, or tank, water heater works by heating water and storing it until the water is needed. A gas burner located at the bottom of the tank heats the water. The water then rises to the top of the tank, where it is stored until needed. While in storage, the water heater has a safety mechanism, called the pressure relief valve, that ensures the proper water temperatures and flow pressures are maintained. If the stored water becomes too hot, the pressure relief valve releases the water from the tank.

Once a faucet is turned on, the stored water is delivered to the home through a delivery pipe. The water that exits the tank is then replaced by cold water, and the process repeats itself. 

Water heater maintenance

It’s important to maintain your water heater in order to promote longevity and water quality. Sediments can build up in the bottom of the tank if it’s not properly maintained. Draining the tank and flushing it periodically can help prevent sediment build up, which will also help the overall efficiency and lifespan of the water heater.

Advantages of natural gas water heaters

Using a natural gas water heater has many advantages. Gas water heaters can heat larger volumes of water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater. For example, a gas water heater can provide two bathtubs full of water for the same cost as one tub heated by an electric water heater. As a result, gas water heaters can provide more hot water more efficiently so you don’t have to give up on taking a long, hot shower.

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