Types of Natural Gas Heating Systems

Natural gas is an abundant, renewable, and clean fossil fuel that’s found deep beneath the earth’s surface. About half of the homes in the United States use natural gas to warm home interiors, heat water, cook meals, and dry clothes. There are several different types of heating systems to consider for your home. Whatever heating system you choose, your trusted expert, Dominion Energy Solutions has natural gas plans with risk free guaranteed price fixed or variable gas rates that are right for you.

Forced air systems

A forced-air central heating system uses a natural gas burner to heat cool air that’s drawn into the system and transferred to a heat exchanger. The air is warmed by the burner and then circulated by a blower or fan through a home’s ductwork. This type of furnace is the most common and can include things like electronic air filters, electric cooling equipment and a humidifier or dehumidifier. 

Radiant water-based and hydronic heating systems

Hydronic or hot water heating systems contain a gas boiler that generates steam or hot water and circulates it throughout a home via pipes or tubes. These types of systems may also use radiators, radiant floor systems or baseboard units (which both heat a room from the floor upwards) and vent the same way as forced-air furnaces.

Combination water heating and space heating systems

Combination water and space heating systems contain a gas burner that heats water and stores it in a tank. Then a pump sends the hot water through a heated metal coil and a fan blows air over the heated coil and through a home’s duct system to create a warm space.

Find a natural gas plan that meets your needs

Once you’ve decided what type of home heating system will works best for you, be sure to check out natural gas plans offered by your trusted expert Dominion Energy Solutions. Control your energy expenses risk free fixed natural gas rate plan which offer long-term stability and savings.