Benefits of Cooking with Natural Gas

What is something that professional chefs and you have in common? Natural gas kitchen appliances. Cooking with natural gas is the choice of experts for several reasons. Discover new reasons to choose gas for your next oven or range. Doing so could save you money — and even make you a better cook.

Gas versus Electric Oven 

While electric ovens require several minutes to heat the element inside before heating the air, gas ovens preheat much faster. This is because gas ovens directly heat the air. Many cooks find that food does not dry out as quickly in a gas oven, as burning natural gas increases the humidity inside the oven. This can help keep roasts and Thanksgiving turkeys rich and moist.

Gas versus Electric Range    

For fast, even heating, nothing beats a gas range. While heating elements on electric ranges have to cool down or heat up when you adjust the temperature, gas burners react immediately. This reaction time makes gas ranges the preferred option for professional chefs who require consistency and control in every element of their cooking. Gas ranges also shut off their heat source as soon as you turn off the control knob, while electric burners require a cool-off period.

Compared to electricity, natural gas proves to be a more reliable, cleaner source of fuel for cooking. Are you ready to make the switch to cooking with natural gas? Learn how Dominion Energy Solutions can supply your natural gas for a long-term fixed price by checking out our natural gas offers. Switch today!