Sewer Line Repair Program

Sewer line repairs can be expensive - they can exceed $4,000 depending on the problem. Combine that with finding a qualified contractor, getting the right permits and overseeing a messy project and it can be such a hassle.

That is why Dominion Products and Services, Inc. is pleased to offer the Sewer Line Repair Program, an affordable coverage plan for avoiding costly, unexpected sewer line repair bills.

For only $7.95/month the Program provides

Clearing of clogged lines - You're protected from where the sewer or septic line exits your home to the main sewage line or up to the septic tank.

Peace of Mind - The program covers the repair of your sewer line, relevant materials, labor and fees - up to $7,500 per occurrence.

Convenient service with just one call - Call us toll-free, seven days a week. We'll dispatch a repair specialist to your home  and there is no service call fee.

Terms and Conditions

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