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Commercial and Industrial Natural Gas

Call us at 804-787-6380 so we can help to serve your business needs.

Stay Informed

As a customer, you may elect to receive daily weather forecasts along with closing prices for the prior day's natural gas market. Access to industry statistics ensures that together, we can make the best financial plan for your company.

Review Your Usage

By reviewing current and historical usage trends, we can help your company make an informed decision regarding a fixed or variable rate.

Q & A

What is a natural gas supplier?
A natural gas supplier sells natural gas directly to customers in deregulated states. The benefit to our customers is the ability to receive a competitive price and product structure to fit their needs.

Why choose a natural gas supplier?
Choosing a supplier provides access to pricing options and market flexibility. Customers have the option of choosing a fixed price product (stable pricing for the term of the contract) or a variable price product (flexibility to move with the market).

Do I need to contact my utility when selecting Dominion Energy Solutions as my supplier?
No. We work directly with the utility to make your transition seamless.

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