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Learn Choose an Energy Expert for Your Business
Choose an Energy Expert for Your Business
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Choose an Energy Expert for Your Business

Today's businesses increasingly recognize the growing importance of a sound energy strategy that approaches energy not simply as a cost to be controlled, but as a resource that requires careful management. Such strategies impact not only an operation's bottom line, but also its environmental impact and future longevity.

When employees can spend less time trying to play catch-up with shifting energy prices to meet the budget, your company can shift resources to more important projects while enjoying long-term stability in its energy supply. How can a business achieve this sort of result?  By hiring an energy expert with your business's best interests at heart is the ideal choice.

The right partner should exhibit several qualities: a clear understanding of and connection to the energy market, the skills to assess and project your business's needs, and the ability to communicate an effective strategy. In the C&I sectors, where energy requirements can vary widely from month to month and based on application, this flexibility is key to success. At Dominion Energy Solutions, our team of experts is ideally positioned to assist your business in developing an effective long-term approach for a consistent natural gas supply. How?

The Advantages of a Dominion Energy Solutions Team

First, experience is among our strongest assets. Dominion Energy Solutions is a leading provider in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, with operations spanning multiple states. A rich history coupled with extensive operations serving hundreds of thousands of customers enables our teams to work efficiently and effectively with businesses looking to better manage their energy costs. Due to our broad base of experiences, we've seen and worked through many scenarios, and we look forward to the opportunity to identify solutions for your concerns too.

Next, we use a process designed to provide the maximum amount of convenience and assistance to our clients. Our help always begins with a thorough assessment of your operation's historical usage and expenditures. Your DES team takes the time to understand the business, what it does, and how its energy requirements have evolved over time. By learning about your business this way, we can better anticipate your monthly needs. This makes the choice between fixed and variable rate pricing much simpler.

When variable pricing and moving with the market is the right choice, we ensure you have all the data necessary to make smart choices with our advice. The right information is critical to making smart moves in response to natural gas prices. Therefore, we supply not only historical pricing data for projections, but also consistent daily updates. Because weather often directly impacts natural gas futures and pricing, we supply daily forecast updates along with closing prices across the market.

For example, an anticipated stretch of milder weather can cause natural gas prices to sink. This usually indicates the ideal time to purchase an additional supply. Your DES team works to not only supply this data, but to also provide expert insight to connect the dots and make the most cost-effective choices.

Moving with the Market for Maximum Flexibility

Achieving stability in a company's energy budget can have far-reaching impacts, freeing up valuable time and efforts to be distributed elsewhere. With Dominion Energy Solutions as your supplier and expert, tapping into the knowledge necessary for future planning is simple and straightforward. Find out how your business can start to reshape its energy policies for a stronger, more stable footing for the future. Learn more about our commercial and industrial service options today.

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