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Learn Enrollment and Billing FAQs
Enrollment and Billing FAQs
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Thinking about enrolling in one of our natural gas plans? We've got answers to your common questions about the enrollment process, billing, switching natural gas suppliers and customer service to help you get started. If you have any additional questions that are not answered below, please contact us at 1-888-216-3718.


How do I enroll?
Enter your zip code on the residential or small business page to view available plans and enroll online.
What do I need to enroll?
You will need to provide your utility account number that is located on your monthly utility bill. To see where your account number is located on your bill, click here.
How will I know I am enrolled?
Once successfully enrolled, your utility will send you notification confirming enrollment. After receiving the conformation, our supply price will take effect on your next scheduled meter read date or billing cycle.


How am I billed?
You will continue to receive one monthly bill from your utility. “Dominion Energy Solutions” will appear on your bill as your natural gas supplier.
What happens if I miss a payment?
Your utility will continue to handle billing; payment inquiries should be discussed with your utility.
Is budget billing still available?
Yes, budget billing will remain available through your utility.


Will enrolling affect my service?
No, you can expect the same reliable service from your utility. They will continue to read your meter, perform billing, provide customer service, and respond to emergencies.
When does my service begin?
After receiving enrollment confirmation, our natural gas supply price will take effect on your next scheduled meter read date or billing cycle
Will there be an interruption in service?
No, there is not a service interruption.
Will any equipment need to be installed?
No equipment needs to be installed for service to begin.

Switching, Cancellation and Change of Address

Will my utility charge a switching fee for enrolling?
Depending upon your utility's policy, they may charge you a fee for switching from utility service. Contact your utility for more information.
What happens when I move?
If you move to a new address located within the same utility service territory, you may request that your utility transfers the energy supply to your new address. If you move to a new address located within a different utility’s service territory, you can cancel your existing energy plan. If you’d like to enroll in an energy plan at your new address, contact customer service at 1-888-216-3718 or visit our Natural Gas Offers page.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel at anytime; however, there may be a cancellation fee associated with your energy plan. Please read the terms and conditions (received at time of enrollment) of your current energy plan to see if you have a cancellation fee.
What happens when my contract ends?
After your contract ends you will be automatically placed on a month-to-month energy plan that can be cancelled at anytime. Prior to your contract ending, we encourage you to visit our Natural Gas Offers page to learn more about other available plans.
How do I contact customer service?
You can call us at 1-888-216-3718. 

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