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Learn Natural Gas Deregulation
Natural Gas Deregulation
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Deregulation is the main reason Dominion Energy Solutions is able to offer you competitive natural gas prices.

Before deregulation, natural gas exploration and production companies explored and drilled for natural gas and sold it to large transportation pipelines. The pipelines transported the gas to a local distribution company, which distributed and sold the gas directly to end users.

Over the years, deregulation has occurred in many states.  Because of this legislation, consumers can choose other companies to supply their gas service.  This legislation reduced the amount of government restrictions and oversight applied to natural gas companies, thus creating an open market for customers to purchase cheaper natural gas based on competition and choice.

Since deregulation was approved, hundreds of thousands of commercial, industrial and residential customers have made the choice to purchase their natural gas from a natural gas supplier rather than their utility company.

What Does Natural Gas Deregulation Mean for You?

Before deregulation, the utilities charged you for all of the steps necessary to receive natural gas, including purchasing the gas from the well, delivering it to your home, measuring your monthly use, providing emergency service and, finally, sending you a bill.

After deregulation was enacted, prices are no longer regulated, which means that the cost of natural gas is dependent on overall supply and demand—opening up the market to more competition and choice for you.

By separating the gas-purchasing transaction from the delivery transaction, you have the choice of buying only part of the full line of services that are offered by a natural gas utility.

As one of the leading suppliers of natural gas, Dominion Energy Solutions can help you find the monthly natural gas price that’s perfect for you.

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